Welcome to Iron Workers Local 751

International Association of Bridge, Structural,Ornamental and Reinforcing lronworkers Local 751Alaska lronworkers Local 751 was established in April 1953 by a group of men that had a dream for a better way of life in our great state. Since that time Local 751has been working for a higher standard of living, safer working conditions,pensions, annuity, apprenticeship training and health care for our members and their families. Our history is the skylines of our cities, the bridges over our river-sand the infrastructure that keeps our commerce going.Our training is second to none and our members are upgraded yearly with any needed certifications. We have a pool of quality signatory contractors that perform solid work.

Our motto here is Dream it, We will build it.

The iron working industry is very strenuous and most tedious. Visit our Training Center Page to learn more about an Iron workers duties and responsibilities. 

To access Pension, Annuity or Family Health Care information visit our Benefits Office Page.

To learn more about what is means to be an iron worker apprentice and how to become one please visit our Apprenticeship Page where you can read all about it.

To find out what is going on with Iron Workers Local No.751 and to learn about their monthly Union meetings visit our Membership News Page.