One hundred Ironworkers got together in Anchorage and signed a petition to form a local in Alaska. They received a letter from the International granting that charter on March 27, 1953. Local 751 received its charter six years before we became the 49th state. Many of the charter members traveled to Alaska each year from Seattle and the Northwest. They wanted to make Alaska their home and to have control of their own union affairs.

Since that time, Local 751 has survived the boom and bust cycles that Alaska endures. Peaks in employment have occurred primarily involving military expansion and the discoveries of oil in different parts of Alaska:

  • Swanson River and Cook Inlet oil discoveries in the 50’s and 60’s
  • Communications towers of the 60’s and 70’s
  • The Prudhoe Bay discovery resulting in the Trans-Alaska pipeline project
  • Commercial and government buildings statewide
  • Missile defense system at Ft. Greely

Local 751 Ironworker’s complete our vigorous apprentice program, inherent strong work ethic, and elect labor friendly representatives to public office to assure that this local can be stronger and larger at our 100-year anniversary in 2053!