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What is an Apprentice Ironworker?
An Apprentice Ironworker is a person who is in training to become a Journeyman. Apprentices assist Journeymen in their duties, and/or work at tasks alone under the supervision of a Journeymen.

Skilled Ironworkers are developed – not born. The skill set of a high-quality Journeyman Ironworker is not acquired merely by a few months on the job or by watching some of the job operations. These skills are acquired only through a specific program of training under the supervision of a skilled craftsman. These skills are then perfected through experience in a series of job situations, combined with a parallel program of study and related instruction.

The Apprenticeship Training Program - EARN WHILE YOU LEARN

The Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program Apprenticeship is a career pathway where individuals can earn and learn at the same time! It includes 4 years of reasonably continuous employment on an approved schedule, as well as 634 hours of related instruction. Each Apprentice will be required to attend classes in related supplemental instruction for a minimum of 212 hours per year.

Wage Schedule (2019-2022 Agreement) Apprentices Hourly Rate

Apprentice earnings are based on a percentage of a Journeyman’s wage:

Year 1: 12 months and 0000-1500 hours............ (60% of Journeymen Scale)*
Year 2: 12 months and 1500-3000 hours............ (70% of Journeymen Scale)
Year 3: 12 months and 3000-4500 hours............ (80% of Journeymen Scale)
Year 4: 12 months and 4500-6000 hours............ (90% of Journeymen Scale)

A Journeyman Test is required prior to graduating to that classification.

*Apprentices in Year 1 receive no fringe benefits; however, they do get medical after 250 hours. They are still required to withhold 5% of their pay for working assessments.

Click Here for the Alaska Ironworkers Local 751 Training Program Application